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  • What are the consequences for using the wrong diesel?

    Using the wrong diesel

    HMRC are very strict upon the use of incorrect fuel. Our advice is to always check before using Red Diesel / Gas Oil on a vehicle that will use public roads.

    If you are found to be using incorrect diesel the HMRC has several ways of punishing you.

    Firstly they start by charging a refurbishment amount for removing all traces of red diesel, which can include the staining of your diesel tank.

    This also includes a fee for removing and storing the Red Diesel.

    In addition to this there is a fine to the value of lost tax revenue based on the size of the vehicle’s fuel tank.

    The maximum penalty for all of the above is capped at the value of the vehicle. In some cases HMRC will go further and issue a fine for lost revenue which will be calculated as the difference between the red diesel and white diesel duty rates for the entire period of misuse. This could be the total duration of ownership.

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